Learning Coding and Programming Through Augmented Reality Play

Coding and programming are becoming more and more popular among STEM toys and educational technology. Kids can learn these technical skills through hands-on play with a robotics kit like Botzees.

So, what’s the difference between coding and programming? Krinsky Camps & Programs gives the below definitions:

  • Coding involves writing many lines of code in order to create a software program. 
  • Programming involves not only coding but also other tasks, such as analyzing and implementing algorithms, understanding data structures, solving problems, and more. 

How can you prepare your children for a world full of technology where these skills will be more common place and needed for job applications in STEM fields? Providing a creative space to explore by using manipulative pieces and intuitive apps will encourage kids to tackle something that may seem challenging, but becomes a fun activity through play.

Photo by Kate Schwanke

Botzees Highlights

  • Create, Program and Play with Botzees, an Augmented Reality robotics kit that combines construction, coding and creativity.
  • Includes 130 uniquely shaped, easy-to-grip blocks with rounded edges and unique shape to inspire every child’s imagination.
  • Kids can build and code 6 different pre-designed Botzees, or create their own! The creative possibilities are limitless!
  • 30 interactive Augmented Reality puzzles that teach foundational coding concepts like sequencing, looping, and conditional coding in an intuitive and visual way.