Activities To Do With Botzees

There are so many fun ways to create and play with Botzees! First, you can build and design it any way your like – or follow one of the 6 included designs. Rearrange the easy to grip blocks and make it new everyday if you’d like! Construction and creativity go hand-in-hand with this fun STEM toy.

Things to do with Botzees:

  • Create, Program and Play with Botzees, an Augmented Reality robotics kit that combines construction, coding and creativity.
  • Includes 130 uniquely shaped, easy-to-grip blocks with rounded edges and unique shape to inspire every child’s imagination.
  • Kids can build and code 6 different pre-designed Botzees, or create their own! The creative possibilities are limitless!
  • 30 interactive Augmented Reality puzzles that teach foundational coding concepts like sequencing, looping, and conditional coding in an intuitive and visual way.
Botzees can be taught to move, drum, dance, make sounds, and light up using the free app.
Teach your Botzee how to play soccer! Use the app to control your Botzee. GOAL!
On your mark, get set, GO! Have a Botzees race with a friend!
We love this list by @lolunwrapped

Botzees are now available at the Apple Store and on Amazon. Get yours today!

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