Back-to-School Success Tips

Back-to-school season is in full swing, whether your kids started in August, or early September – pencils are sharpened and backpacks are brimming with new supplies after a summer of relaxation, fun and hopefully, continued learning. How do you prepare your kids for back-to-school?

Create a backpack space – a hook on a wall, a basket in a corner – a special place just for their backpack! Never rush around in the morning looking for their backpack when you have it set in a dedicated spot every night.

A reading nook is important, all year! Create a comfortable area where kids can dive into reading, whether it be for school or for fun!

Learn more about how Pai Technology interactive Storybooks turn reading time into an augmented reality adventure!

When kids get home for school they are likely to be HANGRY! Give them something nutritious and yummy to munch on as they decompress from the school and gear up for a homework session.

Photo by Pixabay

Make time for fun! While all the focus is on homework and getting into a routine, don’t forget to let your kids have a bit of fun too! With STEM toys like Botzees, screen time can become learning time too – all the while kids are having FUN while exploring creativity, construction and coding. Find Botzees on Amazon or at the Apple Store.

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