Botzees are a National Parenting Products Award Winner

Botzees are a National Parenting Products Award winner! Check out the awesome things the evaluators had to say about Botzees:

“Building the robot is hands-on, there is room for creativity to make your own creation, and it is just a fun kit. I think families of young children will really enjoy this one.”

“Great for educators to have in the classroom. Students will not only enjoy, but they will learn a lot while building and interacting with Botzees.”

“Once built, using the app, it’s great that your child can control the robot and have it move around.”

“It lights up, makes noises and is overall very fun and exciting to use.”

“The app is easy to use as well.”

Botzees are such a fun way for kids to get involved with hands-on STEM learning at home with ed tech. This innovative learning toy allows room for creativity, kids can create one of the six included designs or build something totally new and different!

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