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Botzees is a augmented-reality building and coding kit by Pai Technology, intended for ages 4 and up. The set contains 130 pieces including a main control block, ultrasonic sensor block, digital servo block and a variety of building pieces as well as a USB cord and instruction manual. Use of Botzees also requires the app “Botzees AR” available on the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The player connects their mobile device to Botzees through Bluetooth, and can then interact with the robot through the app. Once in the app the child can choose one of four options: Play, Build, Code, or Control. The Play option presents users with an adventure-style series of 30 building and coding puzzles, designed to show new users how to build their first robots and teach them basic programming concepts, so they can command their Botzees bots. The Build mode uses the camera on the user’s mobile device to display building instructions on the screen in augmented reality, walking the user through the process of constructing a number of different robots. The Code mode allows the child to use drag and drop block coding to create a short sequence of actions for the robot to follow such as turning in a circle, flashing colors, or making a noise. Lastly, the Control mode lets the child drive the robot using forward/backward, turn, and speed controls, a great way to test their vehicles before they start to write code for them. 

Botzees is an excellent toy for young children interested in robots, building, and coding as it is easy to use and enjoy. The building directions are very easy to follow, so even young users would have no trouble following along. Children are also able to use their imagination to design their robot however they would like encouraging creative thinking and design. The coding portion of the app is very simple to use and an excellent way for young users to grasp basic coding concepts. The control option is a fun way for children to see their robot in action while also working on spatial reasoning skills. Overall, Botzees is a fun, educational toy perfect for a child interested in robots.

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Botzees Awarded Parenting Center Seal of Approval

“Awesome, fun for all, creative, technologically impressive. These are all words and phrases parent testers used to describe Botzees. This is all about fun educational learning where your child will build, create, code and more. As your child reaches different levels, new coding skills are taught, and new robots are built which makes Botzees an ever-evolving, immersive experience that also enhances fine motor skills. The controls require interaction with an app, so a smartphone or tablet is required. The app comes with several pre-designed Botzees to get your child started. Initially, they will use the easy to follow, onscreen, step by step 3D building instructions but after that, they can use their imagination to build just about anything they can dream up. The coding feature really impressed parents as being easy to use and intuitive. Finally, testers appreciated that Pai Technologies has created a building set that is gender-neutral. The building pieces are a variety of different colors and do not look either masculine or feminine. This should be a standard design in more toys, but things move slowly, so kudos to Pai for leading the charge.” Source
Recommended Age: 4 and Up
Price: $99.99


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